Signs to Look For in a Good Personal Injury lawyer

Signs to Look For in a Good Personal Injury lawyer

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According to the American Bar Association, personal injury law is one of the most prevalent fields of legal practice in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has found that roughly 608,000 lawyers worked in the U.S. as of May 2020. A sizable portion of those is involved in personal injury law. Research by the National Center for State Courts shows that personal injury lawsuits comprise over 60% of all civil cases in the country. Automobile accidents, medical malpractice, and premises liability are the three main categories of personal injury lawsuits that lawyers handle. Personal injury attorneys usually work on a contingency fee basis, as they are only paid if their client receives a settlement or other compensation. Contingency costs often range from 33% to 50% of the total amount recovered. The National Center for State Courts has found that the average amount of damages awarded in personal injury lawsuits is $31,000. This blog will give you an overview on what qualities to look out for in a good personal injury lawyer, including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Communication Skills
  2. Client Reviews
  3. Reputation
  4. Track Record of Success
  5. 24/7 Personalized Attention
  6. Fees

Communication Skills

An effective personal injury lawyer should have clear communication skills. This is crucial since the lawyer must be able to explain to you complicated legal concepts and procedures precisely. They must be able to respond to your inquiries and issues in a direct and concise manner. An excellent lawyer will carefully listen and take the time to understand your requirements and problems. Sharp communication skills are necessary since the lawyer must be able to produce legal documents like pleadings, motions, and settlement agreements. These materials should appropriately represent your viewpoint in the case. A skilled personal injury lawyer should be able to communicate clearly with all parties involved in your case, including you, the other party, the insurance adjusters, and other attorneys. You can expect that Forward Law Group attorneys will effectively advocate on your behalf both in and out of court.

Client Reviews

An excellent personal injury lawyer will likely have happy clients. You can find client testimonials on the lawyer's website, in legal directories like Avvo and Martindale-Hubbell, and on independent review websites like Google and Yelp. Many favorable evaluations for an attorney indicate that they have a track record of offering their clients top-notch service. It is important for you to carefully read the evaluations and learn what past clients have to say about an attorney's knowledge, communication skills, and capacity to secure compensation for their clients. However, remember that some evaluations could be biased, deceptive or inaccurate. To gain a fair assessment of the lawyer's reputation, it's a good idea to study a range of evaluations from various sources. You can call our transparent and friendly legal team at Forward Law Group to request our lawyers’ client references and contact them personally.

Reputation of an Excellent Lawyer

An excellent personal injury lawyer ought to be well-known in the legal profession. This means that they should be regarded favorably by their fellow practitioners and the judges. Choose a lawyer from reputable associations like the American Bar Association and the State Bar Association. Membership in these groups are recognized for their high standards of ethics and dedication to professionalism. You can also speak with other lawyers or legal experts to get their opinions on the lawyer. Successful ones should have a reputation for getting good results for their clients. Forward Law Group lawyers have a proven track record of success in personal injury claims, consistently securing compensation for their clients.

Track Record of Success

You can research a personal injury lawyer's prior cases and settlements to assess their track record of success. A lawyer's website is a good place to start, with all the details on cases and settlements they have won. Another way is to look up news stories or press releases regarding a lawyer's cases to learn more about their results. You may also get a lawyer’s recommendation from former clients. This way, you understand the lawyer's success rate and ability to secure good outcomes. However, you should be aware that a lawyer's success in one type of case may not necessarily translate to a win in a different case because no two instances are alike.

24/7 Personalized Attention

A qualified personal injury lawyer should provide each client with their undivided attention. This implies they should get to know your specific requirements and worries before setting up their legal representation. One can ensure that your legal rights are upheld, and you receive fair compensation. An effective personal injury lawyer must promptly return calls and emails. They must make themselves available for meetings and consultations. If you cannot go to their office, they should be willing to meet with you at a time and place that is convenient for you, whether that means setting up a meeting outside of regular business hours or visiting you at home or a hospital. The accessibility of the lawyer's support staff, including paralegals and legal assistants, should also be considered. They may manage mundane administrative and communication responsibilities but should be approachable and available to resolve any queries, questions, and issues you may have. Doing this will ensure you have the assistance and direction you need to handle your personal injury case and get just recompense for your injuries.


Depending on the intricacy of the case, the attorney's experience, and the time and resources required to pursue your claim, a qualified personal injury attorney's fee will vary. Personal injury attorneys frequently accept cases on a contingency fee basis, which means they are only compensated if you are awarded money. A percentage of the settlement or verdict is used to establish the attorney's fee, which typically ranges from 33% to 50% of the total amount. Discussing the fee schedule and any potential out-of-pocket costs with a personal injury attorney before hiring them is important. An excellent personal injury attorney will be transparent and honest about their fees and will give you an estimate of the costs and charges you can expect. They must be prepared to work together. It is also good to consider their qualifications, success rate, standing, and capacity to give your case the individualized attention it deserves.

Forward Law Group - You will be in the Best of Hands

It is essential to remember that choosing whether or not to hire a personal injury lawyer shouldn't be based just on their rates. You should also consider their qualifications, success rate, standing, and capacity to give your case the individualized attention it deserves. Forward Law Group can provide you with a personal injury lawyer that fits all these qualities like a glove. They are highly professional and trained to work meticulously with great attention to detail. You can get a free consultation today at (818) 471-8389 and all your worries will be put to ease.